« Un mariage qui vous ressemble« . Annelies et Lieven l’ont bien retenu en organisant leur mariage. Dépenser beaucoup d’argent et être le centre de l’attention tout

e une journée, ça ne leur ressemblait pas. Pour leur cérémonie, ils étaient juste tous les deux, avant d’accueillir leur proches qui avaient chacun préparé un plat. De la convivialité, de l’émotion, et du goût! Comme quoi, il ne faut pas forcément en faire des tonnes pour que ce soit magnifique!

Les très belles images sont signées Tasja Van Rymenant.

Dress  :  I didn’t want to spend too much money on a wedding dress so was browsing some affordable webshops in the months leading up to the wedding. Eventually I found a very cheap dress (€35) on the webshop Boohoo.com. It was styled really badly in the pictures but I actually liked the shape. I really liked the idea of a dress with long sleeves because we got married in March. I had a seamstress put in an underskirt.

Suit : Simple shirt from Samsoe & Samsoe. My husband never wears a suit so he didn’t feel comfortable and for us feeling comfortable was really important that day.

Venue : Industrial garage via Venyous.be. It was the first time ever that there was an event in this space so it will always be special to us. I really wanted an industrial and unique venue so we were really happy with this one.

Food : Potluck concept; we asked everyone to bring a dish, made signs with ‘meat’, ‘fish’ and ‘veggie’ and had a huge table filled with homecooked food. There was so much food that we were able to give every guest a bag of leftovers to take home afterwards. My sister baked our 3-level wedding cake and I decorated it with flowers.

Stationery : No real stationery but…
-For our wedding favors we made little bags out of translucent/tracing paper (is that the right word in English?) ourselves. Lieven drew 5 types of different flowers of which the old Victorian meaning suited us and we printed them (and the meaning) on the bags. Inside were flowerseeds of that type of flower so our guests could sow them and have a reminder of our wedding in their garden in summer (our wedding was in March so perfect timing)
-We made a welcome sign ourselves out of a piece of plywood and used a white chalkmarker to write on it. I made sure the use of fonts was consistent throughout our wedding so the welcome sign, the signs with the food, the favors and our handstamped coffeecups were all in the same font. I wanted it all to look a bit modern and minimalist, not too romantic or handlettered so I used a simple font and printed and traced it.
-I also ordered white coffeecups with kraft sleeves which we stamped with our initials and the date (A+L 18.03.17).

DJ : Lieven made a playlist and our friends switched turns behind the computer 🙂

PhotographerTasja Van Rymenant

Jewelry : I wore 2 rose gold stacked rings (wedding & engagement ring) from vraiandoro.com

Flowers : Myself… Stek! I filled small vases with flowers for the dinner tables and made a ceremony backdrop out of 2 construction grids that we painted white and put against the wall. This was the base for my flowerinstallation and suited the industrial environment well. After the ceremony the grid could function as a message wall for our guest to leave notes. I also made my own bridal bouquet. I remember not feeling content about it after I had made it but weirdly enough I still receive a lot of compliments about it. 🙂

Other ( Rental… ) : Tables and chairs from Café Marriage . The plates (all different but all white with a golden border) and cutlery (wooden handles) I collected myself in secondhandstores months in advance.The napkins I ripped out of pieces of cotton. The bulb lights I borrowed from a befriended weddingplanner.

Music for the first dance : We didn’t have a first dance. My sister and her Jazz band (www.just-jazz.com) did play a song for us during the reception.

Favorite moment of the bride : Our wedding ceremony with just the two of us was pretty special. There were no guests, only us, the photographer and the two girls of Minn who put together our ceremony. We stood back to back while reading our vows and had our first look afterwards so It was quite emotional. We exchanged gifts (I received a ring and Lieven a fake tattoo, an inside joke), said I do and got showered with eucalyptus-confetti. Afterwards we had coffee and a bagel and had a moment to relax before our guests came.

Favorite moment of the groom : Of course our wedding ceremony but also seeing all the people we love in one place, enjoying theirselves and getting to know eachother and the big danceparty afterwards. Their was a lot of love felt that day 🙂

Advice for the organisation : We kept it really small, intimate and low budget because a big and expensive wedding in which we were the center of attention just didn’t suit us. We got some critical responses along the way but tried to stay true to ourselves and had to make some tough choices because of that, for instance with our guestlist. In the end it was all worth it and when everything came together everyone seemed to understand what our intention was. It was so cosy and intimate!


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    Stéphane Joly

    24 juillet 2018

    Mariage très original et avec une belle ambiance! Bravo!